Mickey and Friends
Seperate Groups 2
Number of Characters 7
Gem Rewards 12 (Group 1) 15 (Group 2)

The Mickey and Friends group hosts the basic Fab Five from Disney.

Characters Edit

Requires Personal Attraction Group Voice Actor
Pluto 150 Gems Pluto's House 1 Bill Farmer
Mickey Mouse Welcomed Mickey's House 1 Bret Iwan
Minnie Mouse Defeating Emperor Zurg Minnie's House 1 Russi Taylor
Goofy N/A Goofy's Playhouse 2 Bill Farmer
Daisy Duck Defeating


Daisy's Diner 2 Tress MacNeille
Donald Duck N/A N/A 2 Tony Anselmo
Pete Defeating Pete N/A 2 Jim Cummings